Web Integration

Synchronise store and online sales

Web Integration - maximise your online opportunities

You've done all that website development and now have a beautiful online presence for your customers.

They can view, purchase and maybe click & collect, but can they see which of your stores the item is in?

Do you need to sell different brands on different store websites?

Or perhaps want to offer alternative, matching, or upsell items?

Bransom's web integration platform sends full live stock data by each store location, so each different website can be fed with only the items it needs.

Alternatively, your website could easily show which items are in stock at which shop, making your customer's life much easier.

bsmart allows you to send and easily change product information on your website along with images. Information such as standard prices, sale prices, product images, product narratives and full descriptions can all be controlled and uploaded to your website.

You can easily create dynamic filters and menus, and offer 'same as', 'similar to' or 'matching' items as cross-sells or up-sells.

Our platform has been integrated successfully with numerous ecommerce systems, including both custom designs and off-the-shelf solutions such as:

  • Visualsoft
  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Prestashop
  • OpenCart
  • EasyWebStore
  • CSCart

We have the neccessary documentation available to assist your web developers in interfacing with our system to give you an integrated online store. The datasheet below explains in more detail how your web team can use the data from bsmart.

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