A more global view of sales in the Watch market

See which brands and lines are the best sellers with GfK Data Analysis

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They say knowledge is power

WIth bsmart2, you already have the details on what's selling and what's not, what the most popular sales items are and how profitable you are, but that's just a part of the story.

You have a picture of your own business, but are you missing out by not knowing which other items are popular that you may not be aware of?

This is where BIG DATA comes in. By sharing your sales data with GfK, you benefit from amalgamated watch sales data from the whole of the UK, showing which brands and lines are the best sellers.

The report is in-depth and comes directly to you from GfK and can show trends in gender (male/female watches), case material, drive type, strap type, display type and more.

Your sales data is also combined anonymously with others, and fed to the brands - this helps them to gauge the market and plan accordingly to ensure stock is available as you need it.

And what's more, you don't have to send anything in - we set up your bsmart system to automatically send your data to GfK every month, and you get a report back from GfK. All data supplied is treated in the strictest confidence and no personal data is transmitted.

Even better, this service is FREE to you as a Bransom bsmart2 client. Bransom has a special agreement with GfK to provide this service for our customers to enhance their business management.

This service is part of the bsmart-links data distribution system, which also allows you to automatically update a brand's item descriptions, prices, web texts and images without typing any data, meaning no more mistakes and accurate data at point of sale.

To learn more about what the GfK Data Panel can offer you, view the presentation below. Use the arrows to navigate through the slides.

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