Due Dilligence

Due Diligence

You should investigate who you are buying from

To get significant benefits from IT, you need to be able to trust your IT systems. This means having confidence in the company that supplies, manages and maintains them. Choosing the right IT supplier is therefore an essential part of selecting an effective IT solution.

If you rely on IT for your day-to-day activities you need to have a successful working relationship with your IT supplier. A good relationship with your supplier can help ensure that your existing systems run smoothly.

Things to check:

  • Financial viability - credit checks are a good source of information. Go to www.experian.co.uk or www.companieshouse.gov.uk
  • Implementation track record
  • Quality and relevance of reference sites - always speak to at least 3 clients
  • Project management capability
  • Ability to understand your business at both the strategic and process levels
  • Technical knowledge and expertise
  • Confidence that the supplier will be able to provide the solution into the future
  • Can you take references from trade associations or buying groups?
  • Visit the Supplier's offices and meet the people who will be training and managing the installation


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