Automatic Data Distribution & Sharing

Control content, protect identity, and save hours of typing for retailers


No more typing errors, ensure accuracy & consistency of your data

Saves you time
We have developed a simple way for you to deliver new product information and updates, which are accurate, timely and cost effective.

And it's Free!
All you have to do is provide us with basic information in one simple spreadsheet and we will test and validate it and then distribute it via bsmart-links to your bsmart-equipped retailers.

With one simple process we can distribute new product information including barcodes, images, short & detailed web descriptions, list cost and retail price updates, discontinued lines, and much more.

Protect your Brand Identity at all points of sale
This data is fed automatically to point-of-sale, websites, receipts etc. and so presents your brand consistently and accurately throughout. Eliminate hours of typing and potential mistakes by your retailers.

Financial Benefits
Working with us could deliver huge financial benefits to your brand, because the retailer is encouraged to move to a process of more regular replenishment of items with the automated re-ordering process within bsmart. This can be sent to you via email in a suitable format to integrate directly into your own sales system or uploaded directly to your website. This can lower the workload on your order-entry staff on those 'Manic Mondays' when retailers call to place their orders.

  • Helps protect your brand identity through accurate and consistent information at point of sale
  • Avoid errors at Point of Sale introduced through manual typing mistakes
  • Reduces ordering cycle time with less dependence on sales visits
  • Reduces workload on 'Manic Mondays'
  • An opportunity to reach new retailers
  • Send automatic product updates to 1500+ jewellery PoS systems including 70 CMJ members and 50% of Houlden members



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