Endorsed and recommended by the jewellery trade for over 30 years

bsmart2 Wholesale has been designed to meet the needs of the dedicated wholesaler with or without manufacturing whilst also providing a seamless, fully integrated system solution for jewellery distributors

Specifically designed for the efficient distribution of jewellery items, bsmart2 Wholesale can manage all aspects of your wholesale business, from purchases in different currencies to full stock management and valuation, memo loans or approval notes through to invoicing, sales history and aged balance analysis. Stock can be distributed and held at central or Rep locations, with full audit of movements and improved stock-on-hand visibility and management.

  • Save time and reduce administration
  • Identify best sellers
  • Track salesperson stock and performance
  • Manage customer accounts better

Stock Management

As your business grows, keeping track of purchases, deliveries, appro's, stock distribution, locations and valuations can become a nightmare. Our proven stock management system takes care of the details to make life easier for you, your accountant and your insurer.

Raise and input purchase orders, distribute stock to multiple locations, track memo loans or appro's converting them into partial or full sales immediately, perform full or partial stock checks at any time, sell and invoice with comprehensive reporting and analysis so you KNOW where your business is.

Manage your Sales Force efficiently

Your representatives are a vital link in your customer chain, not only for the order-taking process but their stockholding, appro management and customer management.

bsmart2 helps you keep track of their stock and their sales performance while they can be better prepared for sales visits by checking customer sales history and outstanding balances before they start off. This can be achieved remotely by the Rep via a direct connection to the bsmart system, or reports may be generated by head-office staff. bsmart also tracks what stock they hold, what's on Appro and they can even help stocktake using our cloud-based stocktaking module (you can create an online stocktake for each Rep to scan their stock - no need to wait for the annual stocktake).

Key Features


  • Costing and planning
  • Component/design specification


  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable

Inventory/Stock Control

  • Tracking & Stocktaking
  • Imaging
  • Processing purchase orders
  • Goods in/out receipts

bsmart-links Data Distribution

  • Automate product updates
  • Support your retailers
  • Protect Brand identity
  • Simplify and increase re-orders


  • Customer database
  • Product sales analysis
  • Customer purchase analysis
  • Web Integration


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