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Our support

The Helpdesk is the Heart of our Company

The high quality of our support is constantly praised by our customers. Implementing a new system is not a trivial undertaking - Bransom understands that, and will help you every step of the way.

Our systems are backed by over 200 man-years experience in jewellery-related IT support.

 Telephone Support
Support is one of the most important considerations in choosing a computer system. Once your Bransom system has been installed you can be assured of quality support - timely, professional and courteous. Your first point of contact is the Helpdesk.

At Bransom we have a highly qualified and experienced team to answer any problem quickly and effectively. Assistance can cover general queries during day-to-day use, operational queries, business advice or technical support - help, reassurance, guidance and friendly advice is only a phone call away. Over 90% of problems are solved over the phone on the first call.

In the event the problem is more complex and cannot be resolved immediately, the incident will be prioritised and passed to 2nd line support or to technical support to investigate.

Bransom are big enough to have a permanently manned help desk during office hours and are able to offer extended support, but not so big that you'll be passed around 5 times before speaking to someone who can help.

 Remote Access
Using secure methods, Bransom support staff can access your systems when you need help, guidance, or even software upgrades. The whole bsmart suite can be upgraded when convenient for you, ensuring you always have the latest features which are released on a regular basis.


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