Bransom Retail Systems Ltd
General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTC)

Between Bransom Retail Systems Ltd (known here as BRSL) and The Customer

1. Title

Title to all goods remain strictly the property of the vendor until paid for in full. All risks including loss, damage or theft shall pass to the Customer on delivery into the Customers' premises.

Title to BRSL's software remains with BRSL. The Customer may not divulge details nor allow copies to be made, except for back-up purposes, without BRSL's express permission in writing.

2. Licence

This agreement constitutes a licence for the Customer to use BRSL's software subject to payment of the then-current annual support fee. This licence is not transferrable. The support agreement will come into force as set down in section 3.

Agreements for Cloud-based services such as mPoS tills, Stocktaking and Live Sales Analyser are based on an initial minimum 12-month contract, and will automatically renew at the end of the initial term. After the anniversary of the initial term, we require a minimum of two month's written notice of cancellation to discontinue the services.

3. Customer Support

A separate contract will be entered into, provided there are no outstanding charges due to BRSL, for provision of all software maintenance and support services. These services will come into effect 3 months after initial installation of the Head Office system.

4. Training and Travel

Travelling arrangements will be organised to ensure the best use of the training allowance. The time spent travelling to the Customer's premises will not be charged, however, all reasonable travelling expenses will be re-charged to the Customer.

The number of implementation and training days as specified above and are based on a 7 hour working day. The day starts from the arrival on-site of the trainer, it is the Customers responsibility to ensure staff are available in order to get the full benefit of training.

BRSL reserve the right to charge for extra work at the rates currently in force.

5. Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax will be added in accordance with the prevailing legislation.

6. Extra Work

Any additions or amendments to the schedule of software as specified will be charged for as extra work at the rates currently in force.

7. Installation

Where onsite installation is NOT included in any agreement, it is the Customer's responsibility to install all hardware and connect to the network and/or internet. The customer must also provide a capable person able to follow instructions given by Bransom support staff to complete the installation.

Though our technicians will endeavour to minimise disruption, we cannot be held responsible for any delay due to a lack of reliable internet service or capability of staff.

8. Internet Communications

The customer will be expected to obtain a fixed or static IP address from their Internet Service Provider for all locations where BRSL software is installed.

9. Cancellation or Amendment

The Customer may, prior to the delivery date agreed, cancel or amend an agreement provided that:-
a) BRSL receives written notice of such cancellation or amendment, and
b) The Customer shall pay a cancellation charge for each unit cancelled or amended in accordance with the schedule below:-

9.1. Cancellation/Amendment Schedule
Number of days prior to agreed delivery date that written notice of cancellation or amendment is received by BRSL:
(a) 91 days and over
(b) 61 to 90 days
(c) 31 to 60 days
(d) 30 days or less

9.2 Cancellation or amendment charge per unit, expressed as a percentage of its agreed selling price.
(a) 30%
(b) 40%
(c) 50%
(d) 60%

This would constitute the Customers' entire liability to BRSL with respect to the cancellation or amendment.

10. Consequential Loss

BRSL will not under any circumstances accept liability for consequential loss attributable to it, either directly or indirectly, for any reason whatsoever.

11. Modification to or Abuse of the Equipment

The Customer shall ensure that no equipment is modified without the approval of BRSL in writing, or is subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, accident, neglect, misuse or other damage.

12. Substitution and Modification of Specification

BRSL assumes the right to make substitutions and modifications in the specifications of the equipment provided by BRSL providing that such substitution or modification will not materially affect the performance of the system.

13. Imaging

Bransom have been given permission by various Jewellery manufacturers and suppliers to provide our clients with their images to use freely within the Bransom system.

However each company providing these images owns the copyright to all of its images. Any Images provided with the system may not be used in any media whatsoever unless documented permission is obtained from the company supplying those images for the specific media in which the image/s appears. This includes extra promotional activity from their existing website customers. Any dissemination of images by customers to a third party without prior consent will be considered a breach of copyright and may result in legal action.

14. Vailidity

These Terms and Conditions are valid as of 27th January 2020. As they may change without notice, you are advised to check with BRSL on any query you may have.