Assembled Items

Bespoke Jewellery and Second-hand/refurbished items

Stock Management

Calculate profit and VAT on assembled or second-hand items correctly

For any jewellers who deal with bespoke work, remodelling, repairs, refurbishment, manufacturing, imported products requiring hallmarking, foreign currency, assembling items, second-hand or antique goods, or additional costs (shipping, display or packaging), Extended Pricing allows them to record all additional costs including exchange rates used, ensuring that your Gross Profit is actuate.

Anyone dealing with second-hand or antique goods which require additional parts, repair or refurbishment work needs to keep a digital record of these costs for VAT auditing for Making Tax Digital and to ensure the VAT is calculated correctly.

Unless otherwise configured, the latest Nett Cost will be used to calculate the Selling Price(s) and the Total Cost, which is based on the Weighted Average Cost, is used to calculate the Gross Profit. The Weighted Average Cost is recalculated each time new stock is purchased, giving an accurate Stock Valuation and accounting figure for the Stock Goods Sold and the Cost of Sales.

The Extended Pricing option allows you to add extra costs to items, assemble items from components and assign repair costs to items, providing a detailed breakdown of how the price been calculated.

  • Comprehensive management of all element costs
  • Correct VAT reporting on second-hand or refurbished items
  • Create a library of commonly used elements


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