Customer Relationship Management

Engage with and retain your Clients

Get connected with your customers

Text and email communications
Keeping accurate records of your customers and their purchases is a vital part of retailing in today's digital age. Analysing your customer's buying trends and preferences will help direct your marketing efforts more effectively and increase your footfall, drive consumer sales, improve customer retention and create more opportunities.

With our integrated CRM system and its direct and e-marketing tools, you can prepare personalised mailshots* based on specific criteria such as anniversary dates and previous purchases and even generate and send customised e-receipts at the point of sale. With digital channels now being most customers preferred way of communication, you can achieve a higher share of the market with targeted promotions and information.

Our additional Diamond Guarantee module gives you the ability to send up to 3 automatic reminders about inspecting and caring for valuable items such as diamond rings.

NEW GDPR Functionality

Capture information and get connected
Enter customer information directly at the point of sale, or into your back office system, website customers details also come back into bsmart2 - everything gets updated automatically.

Customer consent to marketing can be captured and date-stamped at the till with a prompt for the operator to select type of communication. Periodic reminders can be generated at the till to check that the customer still wants to receive marketing emails, post etc.

A report can be easily generated of all new customers, to send welcome emails and news.

Speed up data cleansing and management and Subject Access Requests
To help with your data cleansing and management to comply with the GDPR, Customer Marketing now includes tools for mass deletion, single customer reports for Subject Access Requests and the ability to synchronise changes to customer records across multiple branches from Head Office.

These tools include the management of any data or reports that are produced, with security levels assignable to prevent unauthorised access to that data.

View our GDPR Compliance Statement

Send customised eReceipts
Sending an eReceipt at time of purchase not only captures customer data, it gives them an easily stored copy for future reference, and provides you with an opportunity to add value to your contact with them. EReceipts may be customised with your logo, and include suggestions to engage through online surveys or product reviews.

Complete the marketing mix and include links to Facebook, Twitter and Website, and open up social media engagement and further opportunities to promote other services and special offers.

Keep in touch with email campaigns
Tell your customers about new items, promo events, or congratulate them on an anniversary.

Text Messaging
Use SMS text messaging to send instant updates to your clients on a repair's status, and also particularly useful for advising about offers or new product ranges to be released.

Mail-merge operations and external volume mailing
The system can produce mail shots directly, or import the list of names & addresses into your favorite word processor to create personalised letters. Bransom provides easy to use templates for Microsoft Word, with full training available.

Key Features

  • Interfaces with: Stock System, EPoS Tills, Imaging, Sales Ledger and automatic Postcode addressing systems
  • Loyalty card which could offer services and discounts for valued customers
  • Loyalty Reward system to encourage repeat business
  • Fully automated service reminder, e.g. Diamond Guarantee with six-monthly inspections
  • Extensive facilities for creating useful and personalised mailing lists
  • Maintain a history of customer purchases for accurate targeting of mail shots, valuations and insurance replacement business
  • Capture names & addresses at the till, or enter them on the back office system
  • Send automatic valuations and reminders
  • Identify your best customers and those who have/have not visited recently
  • Send personalised anniversary greetings
  • Analyse response to marketing programs
  • Create question and answer prompts at point of sale to track how well your marketing is working

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