Tickets and Labels

Durable, great-looking tickets and labels for point-of-sale


Easily printed, with durable materials

Thermal Tickets

Our labels are the ultimate in high durability jewellery labels, and will sit comfortably next to your finest Jewellery. The print quality of our labels used in conjunction with the extreme thermal ribbon is guaranteed for 10 years of average use.

Our own-design T999 label keeps the spare material to a minimum so the ticket is really discreet, and in doing so increases the number of tickets on a roll as less material is wasted. It's also available in several colours to complement your decor.

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T220 GoldT220 Gold T220 GoldT220 White T530 GoldT530 Gold T530 WhiteT530 White T590 WhiteT590 White

You can rest assured that these labels and tickets are the result of the most rigorous testing imaginable, including 10 hours of ultra-sonic washing, skin acid tests and high abrasive scratch testing. We invite you to test these labels against any of our competitors. Simply drop a sample label into your ultra-sonic bath along with any other sample label and compare the difference. Our research indicates that each hour of successful washing equates to around 1 year of shop life in an average traffic area of your shop.

Pad and Display Labels

We have developed a new display labelling system to produce high quality labels in any colour or size with total flexibility to meet the most demanding needs. The clever part is that each label will automatically format itself to the characteristics of each item. Therefore normal, sale, clearance and was/now labels can all be printed in one run, even different coloured labels can be printed together. The system is ideal for short term promotions such a Valentines day or Mother's Day, as promotional labels can be produced quickly and simply.

  • Labels format themselves to characteristics of item
  • Different colour labels may be printed together
  • Label software and standard label designs are freely available
  • Design service to cater for individual requirements available (small charge)
  • Full design package enables you to design your own display labels as well as store signs etc.
  • Stock data can be easily exported into Excel for you to manipulate as you wish before printing.


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Argox O4-350


Zetags XT-200/300


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