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Bransom adds enhanced eReceipts to bsmart2 digital marketing tools  



Bransom Retail Systems' bsmart2 jewellery business  management system now has the ability to generate personalised email receipts from the point of sale. The new release of the digital marketing module  provides the retailer with the opportunity to customise a receipt to showcase  additional information about the products, highlight accessories, or offer  other items purchased by customers with similar profiles.
According to an
Experian Marketing Services study, eReceipts have around double the open rates and revenue per email than bulk non-personalised mailings. Furthermore, enhanced e-receipts which include up-sell and cross-sell  opportunities and links to social media sites can generate up to 600% more  clicks and 125% more transactions compared with simple e-receipts.

Staff members can take an email address at the till and opt the customer into  or out of marketing initiatives. Links and promotions embedded in the receipt  can be used to drive traffic to the retailer's website or social media channels  such as Facebook and Twitter, increasing brand awareness, engagement and  creating a multi-channel customer experience.


eReceipts offer many benefits to both customer and retailer. Customers can keep their digital receipts handy for easy retrieval and by opting in can automatically receive promotions and  news, and be encouraged to complete online surveys or submit product reviews.  Retailers can track responses and analyse purchasing habits and so tailor future communications with customers to further build relationships and loyalty.

“Interactive digital communication with customers should be the one of the  first tactics in a retailer’s marketing program, and bsmart2 has all the functionality needed.” says  Bransom's Managing Director Chris Garland.