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Samah Holiday wins NAJ's Jet 1 Project Award for July  



Congratulations to Samah Holiday of H Samuel Bluewater on being the winner of the Bransom-sponsored NAJ Jet 1 Project Award for July.

Samah impressed the JET
moderator with her thorough research on rubies, as well
as her extensive knowledge of the store’s merchandise.

“I’m very passionate about H Samuel products – how
well they’re designed and the value for money, which makes
all people able to afford beautiful pieces.

“I’m very pleased with the outcome of my ruby research, which has helped to give me an excellent understanding. Plus, ruby is my birthstone. I love the colour and how important this gem is, and was, to different cultures and countries.

“Diamond rings… I don’t think I can ever stop talking about them! I love being behind the diamond counter, helping customers to go through their journey from promise ring, to engagement then wedding.

“After working abroad for five years I joined H. Samuel three years ago. I already had excellent people and customer service skills and once I joined the company I was given all the training I needed to achieve my selling targets and enhance my product knowledge. And I have continued to
have all the support necessary and when I was offered to do JET1 I was very pleased – it’s encouraged me to do well and aim for higher prospects in the store and in life in general!

“I enjoyed all the study materials which did open for me an amazing world of knowledge and in-depth understanding – hopefully helping to make me a perfect sales person!

To be honest I didn’t enjoy the watch assignment as much, probably as I don’t find timepieces as personal or understand them as much. I need to sell more watches to learn more about that area... I will start to do more training on this subject in the future.

“I have gained huge knowledge and experience by completing JET1. Everything seems to be more clear and I’m so fascinated by what I have learnt in-depth. It’s made me a more confident sales person and I can actually now approach my customers with the power of knowledge. I would love to go on and do JET2 and more in the near future – hopefully H. Samuel will offer me the chance.
“My ambition is to develop and grow. I’m a salesfocussed person – I get a buzz from achieving the highest targets and excellent monthly performances. Of course I love jewellery too, but selling is what makes me strive to do more to protect the future of my child as a single working mum.”


Full story courtesy of The Jeweller Magazine