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New mobile PoS from Bransom is perfect for the pop-up shop  



The great advantage of cloud-based systems is their mobility – as long as you have an internet connection, you’re live.

So it comes as no surprise that stores or designers using Bransom’s new mPoS system can take their tablet tills out on location, whether that’s a stand at a Wedding fair in a hotel, at a Christmas fair or perhaps a craft fair.

Then it’s easy to take customer details (ideal for future customer engagement) and make the sale, all the time automatically saving that data to the home system in the cloud.

With the ability to send ereceipts directly from the tablet, there’s then no need to carry bulky receipt or inkjet printers, and all you’d need is a charger for the tablet and access to a Wi-Fi or mobile data network - a smartphone can often be used to create your own Wi-Fi network with internet access.

Being able to add customer details directly into the till means no more copying details from business cards or paper forms back into the system when you’re back at the shop, and is a great way to build loyalty and ongoing business.

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