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Customer engagement helps retain and build your business  



Customer engagement helps retain and build your business

Bransom’s new point-of-sale system goes far beyond the till


With so many marketing channels vying for their attention, today’s customers are looking for a more personal experience to help them make their purchase decisions.

Using Bransom’s new cloud-based PoS system means you can use a wireless tablet to engage more closely with your customers when they are anywhere in-store so that you can deliver that personal customer experience and reduce queues and waiting times. The tablet provides all of the functionality needed for point of sale, including a product catalogue with images and descriptions together with all the processes needed to complete the sale.

Show them your catalogue, search for and suggest items and upsells, and perhaps most importantly, capture their contact details for future engagement and marketing. This means you can promote new products, send seasonal promotions, or anniversary, birthday and service reminders, for example.

Moving on to make the sale, the till interface makes transactions easy, with a choice of multiple tender types, printed or emailable receipts and integrated chip & pin options.

Using a mobile device to make a product enquiry or show alternatives helps maintain continuity during the sales process and keeps engagement with the customer.

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