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Bransom uses cloud to deliver totally mobile PoS and real-time data  



Affordable PoS solutions using cloud services

Bransom has launched its new EPoS till system which can be deployed on almost any type of device, whether it’s a PC, MAC, iOS, Android or Windows tablet, allowing total mobility in the store. Unlike many other jewellery-specific PoS systems, Bransom’s new till interface is totally platform-independent and does not require the purchase of any specialist hardware or proprietary devices, and is suitable for all sectors of the retail jewellery market.

Now a retailer can have fixed tills at the counters if desired, while staff can conduct transactions directly with customers in any area of the shop with a wireless device, simultaneously linking to Chip & Pin terminals, cash drawers and receipt printers.

This allows for more intimate and personal interaction with customers, especially desirable for those needing or looking to give a more personal service to their customers. State-of-the art Chip & Pin Wi-Fi/Bluetooth terminals can also be used, along with contactless payment.

All tills link to a store-based server connected to the new Bransom VAULT cloud storage farm to record and store all the transactions, which then updates and synchronises the head office system with these figures. Using this secure cloud-based storage opens the pathway to add more web-accessible modules like reporting and store management portals to the already released and popular Live Sales Analyser, KPIs and Stocktaking modules.

VAULT also holds a complete library of supplier’s data and images so that product updates can be quickly deployed to authorised client’s systems. A new LIVE data transfer system has been developed, which means all sales data is readily accessible from any location, particularly useful for multi-store retailers.

For the branded store, the opportunities this presents for additional PoS and queue-busting during busy periods, are outstanding. Products may be browsed, showing large, clear images and pricing, along with descriptions to help clients in their decision making. This means that store staff can use the till as a catalogue to show popular products suggested by the shop, the latest best-sellers (working from live data), or even the latest lines from their suppliers.

This in turn reduces customer waiting time, prevents lost sales and creates a better customer experience and helps drive retention while maximising sales.

Each till transaction is simple to carry out. Advanced search facilities make customer or product selection easy, with predictive results making selection fast. While adding a customer, the operator can update marketing subscriptions (with preferred communications choice) so that stores can target customers with new products, on notable dates or with seasonal promotions.

The new interface supports multiple operators, who are assigned access and security levels as required by store management, meaning refunds, discounts and credits may only be applied by authorised staff. Screens can be branded with the store logo, reinforcing brand identity, and also display KPIs for each staff member for instant performance.

One of the biggest changes is how the new PoS is purchased: pricing for the new system is based on a monthly fee, making it cost-effective and affordable for single-site or multi-site retail jewellers alike.