The hard facts, at your fingertips

Full control and management reports

Graphical aids help you visualise and interpret data instantly... supported by detailed facts and figures to make decisions easier. Bransom can boast having some of the top independent retail jewellers amongst its clients including many past winners of the Retail Jewellery Awards.

Reports are part of the Bransom system but you can output the information into excel or use 3rd party report generators such as Crystal report and Report Writer.

  • Over 900 systems installed throughout the UK and Ireland
  • More than 70 CMJ members use bsmart
  • 50% of Houlden members use bsmart
  • An award winning system
  • On-site training to meet individual needs
  • Support on hand whenever needed
  • Continued development and investment in new technology
  • Active user group
  • Simplicity and efficiency are core elements in the system
  • Widely considered as the market-leading package


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