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Integrated Accounts

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Nominal Ledger
At the heart of the accounting system, the nominal ledger provides you with essential tools to control and report on all the financial aspects of your business. The freedom to define your own chart of accounts, with comprehensive analysis by cost centre, branch and department. Analysis of expenditure against budget, with percentage variance by month and year to date.

  • Fully integrated with bsmart2 (purchasing, sales, cost of sales, VAT, deposits, c/notes, stocktaking, customer accounts, stock adjustments, gift cards)
  • Full audit trail reporting, available on screen to check queries instantly
  • Double sided journal entry
  • Trial balance
  • All stock activity is accurately reported
  • Profit and Loss reporting by branch and consolidated company report
  • Balance sheet
  • VAT 100
  • Intrastat reports
  • Bank reconciliations

Purchase Ledger
Putting you in control of spending, with accurate ageing to help regulate your payments to suppliers. This system will minimise the workload involved with supplier activity while giving you up to date information on creditors. Detailed analysis of invoices and payments.

  • Extensive automatic payment facilities, with authorised payments report, and selective exclusions by supplier or invoice
  • Remittance printing to your own requirements with optional cheque printing
  • Integrated BAC payments
  • Clearing house payments automatically selects all suppliers invoices due for payment through the clearing house system
  • Invoice and Cash daybooks
  • Ageing analysis gives you immediate awareness of overdue payments
  • Comprehensive VAT analysis
  • Ensures all stock invoices & credit notes are fully reconciled with deliveries and returns

Sales Ledger
For retailers with account customers this system ensures you keep tight control of their payments and credit status.

  • Instant access to account details and immediate awareness of late or overdue payments
  • Detailed analysis of invoices and payments
  • Ageing analysis gives you immediate awareness of overdue payments
  • Monthly statements produced to meet your individual style and requirements, which can be emailed
  • Ability to look back at transaction histories
  • Account sales and payments updated direct from the point of sale till


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