Deliver Best Practice Service with the Diamond Guarantee

Engender absolute customer loyalty

Our Diamond Guarantee module helps you deliver impeccable customer service through regular automated contact. This could be used to offer a free clean and inspection service, for example. Such an inspection can be promoted as preventative, giving your customers absolute faith in your service. Furthermore, reminders can be sent near the guarantee expiration to offer an insurance purchase or renewal, or generate new business opportunities such as repairs or valuations.

bsmart2 allows you to use 3 levels of service, allowing the retailer greater flexibility in offering a range of service levels. For example,

  • Warranty (1 year, can be extended with an offer)
  • Guarantee (e.g. 5 or 10 years)
  • Lifetime Guarantee

You can produce your own customised email templates to send as appropriate, as seen in the following examples:

    Key Features

  • A managed customer service with automatic reminders
  • On-screen checklist with emailable report
  • Integrates with the CRM module
  • You define the guarantee and service being provided
  • Breeds customer loyalty
  • Valuable Customer Benefits e.g. free clean and inspection
  • Identify and rectify manufacturing faults early e.g. loose stones
  • Dedicated contact lists for individual stores
  • Assign key accounts to individual staff members
  • Increases footfall with quality customers
  • Increases sales Opportunities, e.g. repairs and valuations as required
  • End to end process with minimal effort and guaranteed results
* Requires 3rd-party emailing platform, not provided within bsmart2



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