Solutions for the Jewellery trade

The bsmart system helps take the uncertainty out of predicting the future with simple effective analysis. Graphical aids help you to visualise and interpret data instantly, supported by detailed facts and figures to make decisions easier.

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bsmart-links by Bransom Retail Systems links the jeweller, the supplier and Bransoms stock management system for some very clever business opportunities. In simple terms bsmart-links streamlines the flow of information to the retail jeweller to eliminate the need to manually update prices, images or the input of new product lines.  


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New...Live Sales Analyser

The live sales viewer allows monitoring of all sales activities and gives you up-to-the-minute information of what is happening on each terminal. Showing you where and by whom sales are being generated, and the level of takings in each drawer, with compatible visual indicators of when money in the till drawer is ready for collection.  



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Stock Control

bsmart stock system has been trusted by jewellers for over 30 years 


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Use an iPad or tablet PC to do sales, order or repairs  


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Touch Tills

Simple and easy to use, a key product for excellent service 


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Chip & Pin

Integrated chip&pin is quite simply a ‘must have’ at point of sale


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Interest free credit at Point of Sale 


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Insurance at PoS In Partnership with TH March  

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Gift Cards

Simple and easy to use module  



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Control your website through the stock system


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Improving efficiency and customer service 


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Keeping accurate records is an important part of retailing today 


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The new bsmart thermal tickets  


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Fully integrate into the stock system, receipts, reports, stock-take 


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Completely integrated within the Stock system

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Bransom have a very extensive reports package 


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A simple solution to a complicated task 



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Completely integrated wholesale system 

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Live Sales Viewer

Provides a live overview of every till at every branch 


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Automatic Updates

Updates your system every month


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Text Marketing

A single text or multiple texts can be sent to promote an event 


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Accounts export available for those who use Sage


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Bransom Pledge, Cheque Cashing and Buy-in Software  



Support and Training

The provision of quality training helps your staff to become productive more quickly - yet sending them on courses or having them read complex manuals is rarely the best solution. At Bransom we devise the training to meet the needs of the individual. Most training is on-site, so our training staff can understand your business and solve problems there and then.


Ideal solutions

More and more companies look to business leasing facilities to manage their office equipment  cost, why not pay for your software and hardware by leasing it..


Bransom lead the way with first Pandora concept stores in York, Lakeside, Brighton, Reading, Milton Keynes, Chester, Plymouth, Liverpool to name a few.

Buying a stock system from Bransom might not be as expensive as you think. You can simply start with our bsmart stock management system and add an EPoS till when the situation is right for you.


Having multiple shops requires a different level of management controls, Bransom understand precisely what you needed: control balanced with ease of use, a universal view of your business from wherever you are, and a system that can grow as your business grows without proving to be a financial burden


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