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Retail market confidence reflected in Bransom growth from new and existing clients  



Bransom Retail Systems has  seen its customers invest heavily over the last 12 months, boosting the company’s annual sales by 50% in this sector alone. The release of the bsmart2 solution along with new product and service developments have been key  factors in this high uptake by the trade. This continues the trend for Bransom, who were listed in the CMJ's top ten suppliers  in June 2014

"Firstly,  thank you to the continued support of our clients and their investment in our  product and services. This kind of increase just shows how confident our  clients are in the product they use." says Bransom's Managing Director, Chris  Garland. "The retail process has become highly digital, with email, online and  social media all being important parts of the shopping experience. In the back  office, ensuring stock is correctly priced, described and pictured, readily  available for EPoS and website, and orders promptly placed on suppliers is critical in maintaining high sales levels."

Confidence is  returning to the market, and while London and the south are the fastest-growing  sectors, the north of the country and Ireland are also well on the recovery  path. “We have seen business confidence grow over the last 2 years, which has  given rise to increased investment in IT. We are now seeing growth in all parts  of the UK, with recent reports showing steady growth in Ireland for the first  time in several years. Retail systems today need to be more focused on customer  loyalty and communication to increase footfall, cross-sell and deliver  exceptional levels of service. Independent jewellers are well placed to offer a  personal and friendly service but need automated solutions to manage the process cost-effectively.

Bransom's bsmart2 system  delivers a totally integrated package to meet retailer's individual needs, from  EPoS touch tills, repair management and tablet-based sales input to fully  integrated VAT and accounts, with a SAGE interface and live sales reporting all  contributing to this leading total business management system. New developments  for the system include a real-time web based stocktaking system and enhanced  e-marketing tools. 

"We continually develop and expand our systems in  partnership with our customers to provide the system they need. Bransom  customers can depend on our ongoing product updates and support." concludes  Garland.