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Bransom’s target for 2015 - 100 top suppliers using bsmart-links data sharing service  



One hundred top watch and jewellery suppliers supporting the productivity boosting bsmart-links dataflow system is Bransom’s bar-raising target for 2015.

The cutting-edge free data sharing service enables both supplier and retailer to achieve higher levels of accuracy and re-ordering, allowing suppliers to protect their brand identity through consistent imagery and item descriptions, while retailers can take advantage of the automated order system to achieve optimum stock levels.

The increases in efficiency for the supplier can be very significant as an order can be received from the retailer as a file that can be uploaded onto their B2B website electronically and automatically imported into their ordering system, saving hours of manually transposing orders from a fax, email or telephone call.

Pioneered by Bransom Retail Systems in conjunction with Pandora concept stores several years ago, the bsmart-links free data sharing service is fast becoming the de facto standard for information flow between UK jewellery suppliers and retailers who use Bransom's bsmart2 industry leading stock system.

Many top brands are already saving their clients hours of work by negating the need for the retailer to update hundreds of products lines one by one, since images and item information are updated in just a few clicks. Bransom’s bsmart-links puts an end to costly errors from incorrect pricing, eliminates mistyped or mistaken item descriptions, with brand values underlined across the whole channel. Reducing overheads for the retailer allows them to invest more in new products.

Repeat ordering items that sell quickly improves sales, stock management and customer loyalty.

“It’s a simple process” says Bransom’s Managing Director Chris Garland. “A supplier sends us a structured data file with price updates, new product line text and images, then we run the data through a test system to confirm data integrity before releasing to our retail clients via the bsmart-links automated service. Sales and Management staff can now focus on the business of customer fulfilment with added information readily available at point of sale. A strategic partnership with Bransom is definitely a major way to profitably sustain and increase business.”