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Business workshops benefit retail staff and boost morale  



Bransom Retail Systems, developers of the bsmart2 Stock and EPoS system, has released the schedule of its workshop sessions for the next 6 months. Supplementary to the training given at installation, these workshops are a great way for both new and existing staff to become more familiar with the key elements of the various functions within bsmart2.

Courses are usually held at Bransom's training facilities in Hertfordshire, and led by experienced trainers with extensive knowledge of the jewellery trade. 

Each session focuses on one module of the bsmart2 system and how to get the most out of it in daily business. For example, there are workshops on the till/EPoS system, Accounts, Repairs Management, Customer Marketing and Stocktaking. There is also a 'Masterclass' session, aimed at helping owners and managers use the tools within bsmart2 to improve their overall business.

While the sessions cover the day-to-day 'how to' functions, delegates will learn how to use that knowledge to deliver VIP customer service and help generate more sales. A further benefit of such training is the sharing of experiences and ideas with attendees from other clients, and the enthusiasm this often generates.
Bransom is highly committed to education, underlined by its sponsorship of the monthly JET 1 training awards, the scheme organised by the National Association of Goldsmiths. Educating staff has major benefits for any business - it increases staff efficiency, boosts morale and leads to fewer errors. Performance is improved, and staff will feel more valued and so are more likely to stay with the business. Crucially, Customer Service is enhanced, which leads to increased business.